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Healthy Life Clinic welcomes Physicians, GPs and specialists who are looking for a quiet comfortable place to move their practice. Discrete, but yet efficient, friendly, helpful staff and echanelling facilities makes Healthy Life Clinic a great place to see your patients.

1. Monthly Open Days

Good opportunity to find out what Healthy Life Clinic can offer you in Health care, while at the same time meet a specialist and participate in an interactive health awareness program on current hot health issues.

2. Diabetes Foot wear are now available at HLC

Persons with diabetes often have nerve damage in their feet which comes about in a subtle manner. This along with the many other problems of diabetes makes the feet vulnerable to damage and callus (hard, thick skin) formation as well as skin breakdown and ulcers. To prevent this persons with diabetes are recommended to use special footwear which will protect their feet. These are made with special sole material which distributes the pressure on the feet, they are hardy and they don't have thick seams that can press on the feet and cause damage. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, as well as in the form of slippers, sandals and shoes.

3. Have your Body Composition analysed

A weighing scale tells you your total weight but a body composition analyzer tells you how much of the weight is fat and how much is muscles ( lean mass). This is important to know, especially while you are dieting and trying to lose weight. As you slim down through diet and exercise, you should lose body fat and gain lean mass.

4. Diabetes Guidance through Coaching

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be frightening and usually prompts many questions. Very often persons with diabetes are too overwhelmed to remember to ask these when they meet their doctors. Also they may feel that some of the questions are too trivial to ask. The doctor too depends on the patient to change their lifestyle and diet, as well as take some tablets or insulin injections to improve and achieve good control of the disease. To be successful in managing this, the patient requires information, and guidance in stages, and lots of opportunities to ask questions. At HLC we achieve this through our diabetes educator nurses who are trained and certified. This can be done one on one, or as a family or in a group. Bookings can be done over the phone. 4700700/0773511511.

5. New Physicians and Specialists at HLC

Dr.(Ms.) Ruwani gooneewardene
Ms. Ruwanthie Cooray

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