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Be Well: A Health Fair

A health fair dedicated to promoting healthy living

Healthy Life Clinic hosted a health fair dedicated to promoting healthy living and spreading awareness on and knowledge of prevalent health-related topics. Activities included:

  • Comprehensive and interactive 15-minute discussions on health-related topics throughout the day, including children’s health, diabetes, osteoporosis and heart health.

  • Information booths for services offered by HLC, including eye checks, diabetes care and foot assessments, family doctors and elder care, and nutrition and weight management. The booths will offer free blood sugar checks, blood pressure checks, weight and BMI testing, vision testing, foot examinations and registration with family doctors.

  • A healthy cooking demonstration and sampling session by Eat Right.

  • Vision care information and services by 6x6 Optics.

  • Discounted prices for all HLC services, including blood tests, consultations and health checks.

Family Doctor Concept

June, 2019

A campaign to revamp the family doctor concept, encouraging patients to register with a GP or family doctor