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World Diabetes Day Nov 14th 2020

This World Diabetes Day, HLC aims to bring awareness & advocacy for diabetes


Diabetes management is a team effort at HealthyLife Clinic

November 14 marks World Diabetes Day 2020, dedicated to raising awareness of diabetes worldwide. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic makes this message critically important because patients with diabetes face a much higher risk of developing complications from the disease than those who are not.


Meet your diabetes nurse educator

World Diabetes Day 2020 shines the light on the diabetes nurse educator, who will watch over you throughout your journey with diabetes. Your diabetes nurse educator will provide the bulk of the care, advice, and information you require to manage your diabetes.

Very often, it is the diabetes nurse educator who first detects your emotional needs. As patients tend to be more relaxed with their nurse than with doctors, you can ask your nurse any question, and it will be answered because your concerns are important. The more accurate the information you receive about diabetes, the easier your progress towards recovery.

Your diabetes nurse educator can make a big difference in how well you manage your diabetes because there is a lot to learn about it, the possible complications, and how to adjust your diet and incorporate exercise into your life to bring it under control.

As diabetes is a silent killer, chances are you will not be aware of sugar spikes in the blood until it is too late. So, you have to master your glucometer, a little machine that monitors your glucose levels so that you can keep it at safe levels. Some diabetics need to adjust their doses of insulin and medicines when they fall ill or during travel. Your nurse will help you with all of these necessities.


Meet your diabetes-care team

Diabetes is a life-long disease that requires considerable effort to control. The pervasiveness of the condition can make a sufferer feel helpless and alone. But ‘diabetes’ does not have to be a lonely word. In the right hands, diabetes can be controlled. At Healthy Life Clinic, you have an expert diabetes-care team to provide the backup and care you need.


Your primary-care doctor

This is the General Practitioner, Physician or Endocrinologist who will diagnose your condition and provide a treatment plan, follow up and advice.

Diabetes nurse educator

A nurse educator specialised in diabetes care will teach you how to monitor sugar levels, use a glucometer, and self-administer insulin, and also answer general questions on travel, tests, vaccines, managing low and high blood sugars, diabetes footcare and the use of special shoes. Your nurse will also give follow up calls and reminders when your next visit is due.


You will receive advice and guidance on a personalised diet plan and weight management routine that will get you back to health.


You get all the help you need to kickstart and maintain an exercise routine and also address any muscle pains, muscular strain and injuries.

Specialist Consultants

Should you need specialist advice for the management of any complications, our specialists are there, including for eye screening, and foot care. To find out who they are, click here.


Learn more about the disease that strikes 1 in 5 aged above 20 in Sri Lanka

In conjunction with World Diabetes Day 2020, Healthy Life Clinic’s diabetes care team has prepared a series of quick messages to raise awareness about diabetes, its prevention, control and care.

To reach out to any member of our team for help in managing your diabetes, please reach out to us on 0773511511 or



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