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Introducing Telemedicine

June, 2021

Healthy Life Clinic, a subsidiary of Premier Physicians Medical Group, is expanding its care with the launch of Telemedicine.

Hand Hygiene 101

April, 2021

Clean hands save lives. Here’s what you need to know about the soaps to use and how to keep your hands clean, safely.

You Can Conceive Despite PCOS

April, 2021

Early intervention can help in preventing the development of infertility from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Smoking will kill you with every puff

April, 2021

The grave dangers that tobacco smoke poses to life warrant a daily reminder of what exactly smoking does to the body.

You Can Ward Off Flu

April, 2021

Fever, body aches, a runny nose, cough and generalised weakness are all symptoms of flu, a very contagious viral-borne disease.

The Good And The Bad Of Yawning

March, 2021

While it's natural for everyone to yawn, excessive yawning may indicate a serious underlying medical condition.

Save A Limb From Diabetes

March, 2021

Neglecting your self-care routine can have dangerous consequences such as loss of limbs through amputation

Love Your Feet When You Have Diabetes

March, 2021

If you have diabetes, make sure you pay extra attention to your feet because imbalances in blood sugar levels will weaken them.

Why Your Glucometer Is Your Best Friend

February, 2021

Your blood sugar monitor, or glucometer, is one of your most important tools to ensure your glucose levels remain safe

Protect Your Joints From Osteoarthritis

February, 2021

Keeping your weight down can go a long way towards protecting your joints and reducing the risks of osteoarthritis

High Blood Pressure Is A Silent Killer

February, 2021

High blood pressure can go undetected for years until it escalates to life-threatening proportions

10 Good Habits To Boost Your Immunity

February, 2021

Boosting your immune system takes time and effort, but here are a few things you can do to batten down the hatches!