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Living with Worry and Anxiety

April, 2020

Our world is changing rapidly at the moment. It can be hard not to worry about what it all means for you and for those you love.

Lock Down, Not Let Go!

April, 2020

Some excellent tips on how to avoid gaining weight during the lockdown period. It's important not to forget about your health!

Corona - What You Can Do

March, 2020

What you can do to help protect yourself, your family and your community. Let's all do our part to fight this.

Corona - What You Need to Know

March, 2020

Humans have never seen this virus before, hence our bodies don’t have strong defences to stop it from infecting us.

Elderly Health and Corona

March, 2020

What does it mean to elders and those with non communicable diseases? A few important things to keep in mind.

Coronavirus Safety Information

March, 2020

As we all deal with the New Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we would like to reach out to you to spread some safety information

Coronavirus Quarantine and Treatment

March, 2020

Official guidelines from MOH on Coronavirus (COVID-19) home quarantine, self-monitoring, testing and treatment

Nutrition for Prevention of COVID-19

March, 2020

Official nutrition recommendations for prevention of COVID-19 from the Sri Lanka Medical Nutrition Association

Free Screenings, Celebrating Women’s Day

March, 2020

Healthy Life Clinic to conduct free screening sessions for women in celebration of Women’s Day 2020!

ABC's of the Coronavirus

January, 2020

The current global healthcare is sending waves of fear; patiently exercising caution without panic can save lives

Awareness Session for World Diabetes Day

October, 2019

Healthy Life Clinic to conduct a series of free diabetes awareness sessions of 30-60 minutes to families, friends and corporates

Concepts In Osteoarthritis

October, 2019

One in 12 people 60 years or older have hand osteoarthritis. Here are a few concepts that may help with managing osteoarthritis