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10 Good Habits To Boost Your Immunity

A healthy lifestyle is your first defence against disease

A healthy lifestyle is your first defence against disease. Boosting your immune system takes time and effort and does not happen overnight, but here are a few things you can do to batten down the hatches.


1. Stay hydrated: Drink at least two liters (eight cups) of water throughout the day.  Unsweetened king coconut water, coriander water, and light plain tea are alternatives.

2. Eat well and healthy. Take all three main meals. Include Vitamin C-rich foods like guava, nelli, jambola, papaya, oranges, raw drumstick leaves, and raw carrot leaves, and zinc-rich foods like thala, pulses, kunissas, and egg including yolk. Avoid fried and processed foods and sweetened beverages and snacks.

3. Choose home-cooked meals as much as possible. If you have to get takeout meals, discard all packaging because the virus can survive on cardboard for upto 24 hours. Transfer meals into a container and microwave. Wash hands well.

4. Avoid smoking altogether and limit alcohol intake.

5. Observe personal hygiene when preparing foods and at mealtimes. Wash hands well before touching foods and before meals.

6. Use home delivery to get your groceries and other food products. Wash all fresh produce under clean running water. If possible, place other products aside for two or three days before unpacking, to allow the virus to die off.

7. Get enough sleep. Between 6-8 hours is ideal, although sleep times vary with age. Start a sleep schedule – get to bed at a certain time and wake up at a certain time.

8. Minimise stress. Avoid crowds, negative news, and take up a  new relaxing interest such as yoga, meditation or learning a musical instrument. Laughter is an excellent medicine – find things to laugh about.

9. Socialise. Lock down doesn’t mean locked out. Reach out to friends, make time for loved ones. Find things you can do online in a group – interact with others.

10. Exercise. Set some time aside for exercise, make exercise part of your daily routine. 



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