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Corporate Health for a Healthy Workforce

Programs designed to provide convenient and holistic medical care for employees

Why Healthy Life Clinic?


Founded in 2005 as a Diabetes Care Centre, Healthy Life Clinic now thrives as a Multispecialty Medical Centre with almost 15 years of experience in providing health and medical services.

Think of us as the polar opposite of an insurance company or a traditional hospital - rather than us being the place you come to when you get sick, we visit your place of work and offer your employees a holistic approach to maintaining a healthy and fulfilled life. We understand the stress and workload of staff and executives, that is why our wellness programs are designed to provide a more convenient and holistic medical care service for employees.


Workplace Health Checks


- Pre-employment health checks

- Annual health checks

- Health assessments

- Food handlers medical checks

- Drivers/heavy machinery health checks


Health Awareness Seminars


Seminars and discussions on important health topics such as women’s health, breast cancer awareness, diabetes, healthy living, nutrition and exercise for health, stress management, mental health and depression and other concerning topics.


Health Risk Assessment


Our team of distinguished doctors provide an evaluation on the risks associated with each individual, based on a closely monitored prescreening assessment, followed by a tailor-made intervention plan based on the person and health profile.


Medical Center


Our medical center is conveniently located at the heart of Colombo, on Duplication Road. The clinic provides a vast array of medical services as specialist consultant channeling, diabetes care, special investigations, laboratory services and more.


A Healthy Workforce


Our mission is to provide accessible, high quality and personalized health care to all, while making sure the patient is an informed and involved partner in the healing process. Our long-term vision is to build a health-conscious nation where every individual makes informed decisions about their health and the long-term consequences their actions can have on the quality of life and reaching their long-term goals.


Key Benefits


• Healthier Employees

• Reduced Absenteeism

• Reduced Company Health Care Cost

• Higher Retention Rates Our programs allow your employees to focus on key health behaviors such as increasing physical activity, reducing stress, and ceasing tobacco use.


A Holistic Approach to Corporate Health


Our suite of innovative employee health and wellness program addresses the full continuum of emotional and physical issues to improve corporate wellness. This holistic approach ensures each employee has the tools and resources necessary to achieve their personal health and wellness goals.

-         Education & Preventative Care

-         Stress Management

-         Access to Doctors & Specialists

-         Continuous Monitoring

-         Customized as Required


On Site Screening


Our onsite Biometric screening programs provide each employee with a confidential and detailed assessment of their health profile. We provide detailed aggregate reports of employee health and wellness for the company to make more informed decisions about their human resources and how to improve morale and productivity through lifestyle changes.


A Sustainable & Healthy Alternative


If your organization is experiencing a loss of productivity, increased absenteeism, or overly stressed workforce and you want to make a difference in your employees’ health, hosting a customized health and wellness event will help inspire positive lifestyle choices.

-         Pre-employment Health Checkups

-         Annual Health Checkups


Assessment - Health risk assessment and intervention plans with regular checkups

Mental Wellbeing - Stress assessment and management with cognitive ability development

Access to Healthcare - Includes specialist consultant channeling, diabetes care and laboratory services

Employee Assistance Program - Internal networking and informal communication

Nutrition & Weight Management - Dietician consultations, seminars, and workout regimes

Digital Data - Convenient health data management and continuous health monitoring


Diabetes Care Packages

1 in 5 people over 20 years old have a diabetes or prediabetes. Once you contract the disease, it is lifelong and requires constant monitoring & medication, which can become a financial drain, and ultimately a huge loss to our workforce. An astounding 60% of these cases can be prevented by very simple measures - which are mainly very minor lifestyle changes.

-         Laboratory Checkups

-         Eye Checkups

-         Diabetes Foot Care

-         Body Composition Tests

-         Neuropathy Tests

-         Dietitian Advice


Weight Management Program


Our weight management program varies from each individual, depending on their age, gender and health profile. We do an initial assessment followed by guided counselling, nutrition planning and exercise regimes.

Analysis - We determine your BMI and body fat percentage and the amount of change you like to achieve

Nutrition - Meal plans are provided by Dietitians to help you make better choices when it comes to meals, snacks, and beverages

Guided Help - You will meet with our physician and have your health monitored by our professionals prior to starting your program

Weight Loss Boosts - Our weight loss boosts include Aerobics, Yoga and counseling which are proven to help with consistency and mindset


Stress Management & Relaxation


“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

Our Stress Management programs are designed to help you better handle your emotions and uncontrollable situations.

-         Learn techniques that can help you to cope up with stress immediately

-         Understand the meaning of stress and how you get it

-         Get the calmness that you already desired

-         Play with your reasons of stress

-         Manage your anger and get the most of your life

-         Use simple methods to understand yourself and transform into a more peaceful person


Everyone deserves a chance at maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Our programs are designed to improve employee morale and productivity, while reducing time away from work due to preventable diseases & illness.


Our emphasis is on the daily lifestyle changes that are required for health and health maintenance. Through our program, employees and executives are taken through a wellness transformation which is sustained and prevents future health issues. We meet face to face to discuss and design a tailor-made program for your organization, from simple awareness and health checks, to comprehensive wellness programs.


For more information please email help@healthylife.lk, or call us on 0773 511 511 / 0114 700 700


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