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Awareness Session for World Diabetes Day

Healthy Life Clinic to conduct free awareness sessions for World Diabetes Day

  • Free seminars for groups of 10 or more from 14th October to 14th November

  • 20% off on all diabetic care packages offered by Healthy Life Clinic

  • Clinic vouchers for all those who bring in a second person

Reputed Colombo-based medical centre, Health Life Clinic, is leading the charge in educating individuals and communities about Diabetes in the month leading up to World Diabetes Day, held on the 14th of November.

Healthy Life Clinic will conduct a series of free awareness sessions of 30 to 60 minutes to groups of families, friends or even entire corporates, aimed at educating society on the importance of early detection of diabetes, the signs to look out in themselves or others, and how families can beat this condition together. More prominently, the clinic is offering significant discounts of up to 20% on all of their screening and post-care packages within this month, along with exclusive vouchers awarded to all individuals who bring in a second person with them to enjoy the benefits offered by the clinic.

“Early intervention and diagnosis are crucial in mitigating the effects of diabetes or even prevent it. Unfortunately, most people have trouble recognising warning signs until it is too late because they are not aware of them. Therefore, education and ongoing support are key in putting up a strong frontline of defence against this debilitating condition”, Healthy Life Clinic Director and Head Consultant Diabetologist, Dr. Kayathri Periasamy explained.

Keeping to the theme set by the International Diabetes Federation, ‘Diabetes and Family’, Healthy Life Clinic aims to motivate individuals to look at those around them through an educated lens when it comes to diabetes. These initiatives come at a time when one in ten adults living in modern society is diagnosed with diabetes. Despite a major part of the community having a family member with diabetes, an alarming number of these individuals are not capable of recognising the signs of Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. These findings underline the crucial need for education and awareness campaigns at community centres, schools and corporate offices. Family support is ultimately key in individuals maintaining healthier lifestyle choices.

“A major knowledge gap is obvious, especially in families, where care is practised by only the person diagnosed with diabetes, while the rest of the family continue their unhealthy eating patterns or sedentary lifestyles. An alarming four in five parents would have trouble recognising the warning signs in their children, while one in three would not spot them at all. Families should understand that the probability of getting diabetes is increased by certain genetic factors in addition to damaging lifestyle choices. When the entire family consciously adapts to eating healthier meals and regular exercise habits, the entire family would benefit from this. Post diagnosis, managing diabetes requires daily treatment, regular monitoring, and an overall healthy lifestyle. In any case, family support is crucial.” Dr. Periasamy further opined.

Healthy Life Clinic is an established medical centre situated in the heart of Colombo. Specializing in post-diabetic care, the clinic also offers a comprehensive range of solutions for family health, corporate wellness, and eldercare.

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