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Diabetes Care at Healthy life Clinic

An all-inclusive diabetes care experience in one location

One of Healthy Life Clinic's core focuses since its inception in 2005, the clinic’s many diabetes care services are structured with the aim of providing an all-inclusive diabetes care experience in a single location, and educating & empowering patients to take care of themselves. The clinic offers focused check-ups, consultations with physicians and endocrinologists, treatment, investigations, diabetes education and awareness, consultations with dietitians, diabetes eye-care and foot-care, and diabetes products.


Do you have Diabetes?


Whether you are a newly diagnosed patient with diabetes, or you have been managing diabetes for some time, it is never too early to start thinking about Diabetes.


Holistic Wellness


Healthy Life Clinic offers several healthcare services for diseases implicated with diabetes, including experienced physicians, dieticians, diabetes educators, physiotherapists, psychologists in addition to renowned specialists in endocrinology, eye care, cardiology, foot surgery, dermatology, neurology, and pediatrics.

Healthy Life Clinic takes a patient-centric approach to diabetes care, providing tailored healthcare plans where the patient directs their treatment under the support and guidance of an experienced team of diabetes experts.


Smart D Membership

The Smart D Diabetes solution offers comprehensive, annual diabetes care with doctor consultations, laboratory tests, treatment advice, and follow-ups.

·        A unique annual diabetes healthcare plan to help manage diabetes in a holistic way

·        Smart D helps patients manage diabetes with consistent checkups and expert advice

·        Pre-booked doctor consultations, laboratory tests, treatment advice and follow-ups

·        Practical diabetic coaching from a dedicated panel of experienced doctors and personnel


Services Provided


Doctors & Dietitians – Assessment, advice, treatment, custom meal plans & education on food & nutrition

Nurse Educators - Guidance and advice on food, self-care, foot care, and diabetes assistance products

Physiotherapists - Exercise plans & advice, support with any joints or other physical impairments

Psychologists – When some extra support and mental motivation is required

Specialists - Skin, eyes, foot, endocrine, cardiologists, dermatologists, neurologists, pediatrics


Diabetes Packages


It is vital to follow a holistic healthcare plan that suits your lifestyle and dietary choices. Take control of your health with the right diabetes management programme for you!

Annual Diabetes Package - FBS, HBA1C, TSH, Creatinine, Lipid Profile, Urine Micro albumin, UFR, SGPT, ECG, Eye Checkup, Neuropathy Tests, ABI, Foot Care, Dietician Advice, Doctor Checkup & Body Composition.

Smart D (Membership) - Annual care for diabetes patients include full diabetes screen, quarterly blood tests, 5 doctor visits, regular reminders from nurses as well as a free glucometer to monitor blood glucose levels.

Mini Smart D (Membership) - Annual care for Diabetes patients includes full diabetes screen, 4 monthly blood tests and 2 doctor consultations with regular reminders from nurses.

Mini Diabetes Package - FBS, Lipid Profile, UMA, HBA1C, Dietician, Doctor Consultation.

Diabetes Prevention Package - FBS, Lipid Profile, Dietician Advice and Doctor Consultations.

Weight Management Program - Education on food & nutrition and meal flexibility, custom meal plans to suit your lifestyle as well as overall weight management advice.


Diabetes Care Products


Healthy Life Clinic provides diabetes shoes, sandals, socks, glucometers and strips, insulin, sugar-free products, foot creams, special treatments and much more.


Take your first step towards a healthier life, call us today on 0773511511!

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