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Exclusive Health Fair at Havelock City

Healthy Life Clinic hosts exclusive health fair for residents of Havelock City

Reputed Colombo-based medical centre, Healthy Life Clinic, hosted an exclusive health fair for the residents of Havelock City in order to promote convenient access to quality healthcare services and generate awareness on the importance of proactive diagnostics.

Attended by a large number of residents, the event tackled important issues around diet and lifestyle, post-diabetic care, and the critical role that a trusted family physician can play in improving diagnostic and treatment outcomes. 

“Most of us tend to put a lot of time, money, and effort into maintaining things like cars or clothes, but it is often the case that we do not exercise the same degree of care when it comes to our own health, even though regular check-ups and an analysis of our lifestyle and dietary habits can lead to transformative benefits in our quality of life. 

“Part of the problem in today’s fast paced lifestyle, people don’t have the time or inclination, and partially, it’s a lack of awareness that leads to such attitudes. The good news is that the journey to good health is open to anyone with just a few minor adjustments to their daily and monthly schedules. 

“Particularly at a time when non-communicable illnesses like diabetes, respiratory conditions, and cardiac disease are sharply rising, health is truly wealth. Through these health camps, we aim to encourage all Sri Lankans to invest in themselves by maintaining a healthy diet that does not compromise on either dietary value or taste, and making regular visits to their family GP,” Healthy Life Clinic, Director and Head Physician Dr. Kayathri Periasamy explained. With a substantial number of residents present, the health fair kicked off with a series of live cooking demonstrations by ‘Eat Right’, a popular food and beverage establishment in Colombo that promotes the concept of clean and healthy eating. From vibrant smoothie bowls to mouth-watering Caesar salads, it offered visitors insight on how easy it was to adopt clean eating into their lifestyle. 

Healthy Life Clinic complemented this live demonstration with personal consultations carried out by experienced nutritionists from the clinic, in addition to providing opportunities for registering with the clinic's curated weight loss programs. 

Backed by a strong team of experienced general practitioners, Healthy Life Clinic also offered residents a chance to directly connect with experienced family doctors and endocrinologists. A station where one could get their lung function checked was also available on the day. 

Notably, Healthy Life Clinic leveraged its specialised expertise in diabetic care to provide Havelock City Residents with free blood sugar tests on the day, along with feet nerve assessments. Also available on site for purchase were specialised foot care for individuals with diabetes, along with glucometers, sugar free products, BP machines and other diabetic supplements.  

Colombo-based pharmacy chain, Healthguard, was also present with a range of medically-approved vitamins, neutraceuticals and samples of high quality sugar-free milk powders for diabetics. The fair rounded off with Six by Six Optics, Healthy Life Clinics’ official optical partner, where visitors had a chance to get good quality, stylish spectacle frames and free vouchers to be spent at the clinic.  Attended by a large number of residents, the health fair operated with the support of a trusted, experienced team of doctors, medical specialists and volunteers.

Healthy Life Clinic is an established medical centre situated in the heart of Colombo. Specialising in post-diabetic care, the clinic also offers a comprehensive range of solutions for family health, corporate wellness, and elder care.

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