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Lock Down, Not Let Go!

Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight During the Lockdown Period

1.      Balance the Input and Output.

1st rule of weight management is the balance between what you put into the body in the form of food and how much activity you do.

2.      Increase or Maintain Activity Levels

With the lockdown, our activity levels may be a lot less, as we are not walking to catch the bus, or go to our usual gym for a workout or go with the kids to the park or even walk around the supermarket for grocery shopping etc.  For some people, this lockdown could mean long hours in front of the TV or on social media. But for others you may be involved in different sorts of activity that you never had time to do such as walking in your lane, walking the dog down your lane, playing catch with the kids in your garden, digging around the garden and cleaning the yard, home repairs and DIY projects that may require some hard work etc. This is all great to expand some energy and increase activity level. Following some sort of at-home exercise routine is also another way to keep fit, such as yoga, stretching, aerobics, Zumba, dancing or on the spot jogging for at least 30 minutes every day. There are many Youtube videos on home exercises that can be followed.

3.      Watch your Portion Sizes

Those who eat large portion sizes tend to gain weight more easily amid sedentary conditions. One way to estimate healthy portion sizes is to divide your normal plate into 4 quarters, and fill one quarter with starch (such as 1 tea cup of rice, pasta, potato, or foods made out of flour), one quarter with protein (such as a piece of meat, chicken, fish, tofu) and the rest half of the plate with vegetables. However you can use your best judgement to fill your plate with a reduced amount of food compared to the decline in your physical activity levels.

4.      Snack Wisely

The thing with being at home and not having your routine of work is that sometimes boredom can be mistaken for hunger. If you get hungry in between meals, first try drinking a glass of water. If still hungry, opt. for nuts, seeds, vegetables or fruits.

5.      Practice Mindful Eating

This is the perfect time to really enjoy the food that you put in your body. Studies show that those who eat while distracted (such as eating while watching TV) are more likely to overeat because they are unable to pay attention to their body’s fullness signals. Try to chew slowly and thoroughly. It can also be helpful to take a few deep breaths before you start eating. This can induce relaxation and help keep your attention on the plate.

6.      Shop Wisely

With only few hours to shop during curfew breaks, or getting frustrated with delayed deliveries, and the general lack of fresh food, it is very easy to stock up on unnecessary or unhealthy foods. Even if you eat similar foods daily, it’s ok as long as it is healthy and balanced. Plan your meals for the weak before going to the grocery store or ordering online.

7.      Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep deprivation may cause you to consume more calories. Sleep is also important to keep your immune system functioning optimally during a threat such as the Coronavirus, which may help you ward off the disease more efficiently.

8.      Control Your Stress Levels

This is a time of general anxiety about the Coronavirus epidemic, the safety of your family, availability of provisions and medicines as well as economic woes about your businesses. The only upside to this is that you are not alone and hence there are many solutions and help that are being brought out. Stressing and worrying weakens the immune system, as well as wreaking havoc with the hormonal system. This might provoke anxiety eating or emotional eating,  poor digestion and abdominal cramps. Weight can simply increase with or without excess consumption. So it is very important to control stress and fear and anxiety through regular routines, meditation, yoga, deep breathing, prayers or any relaxing hobbies.

This lockdown period could be an opportunity to think about your health and have the time to set in motion healthy routines. If you need more help in managing weight or to speak to our dietitians, feel free to call us and ask about our online weight management program!

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