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Introducing Telemedicine

Healthy Life Clinic is expanding its care with the launch of Telemedicine

Healthy Life Clinic, a subsidiary of Premier Physicians Medical Group, is expanding its care with the launch of telemedicine. 


Healthy Life Clinic represents a team of leading General Physicians and specialists who have come together to provide patient-centric, family-oriented medical services in Sri Lanka. 


Founded in 2005, Healthy Life Clinic thrives as a multi-specialty medical centre with over 15 years of experience in providing health and medical services. The medical team consists of highly distinguished physicians, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, physiotherapists, opticians, and other healthcare professionals providing comprehensive medical care at a single location. 


The clinic offers general consultations, diabetes care, diet and nutrition advice, corporate health services, foot care, eye care, medical check-ups, endocrinology services, laboratory services, medical investigations, home visits for the elderly and more. 


“The internationally affiliated holding company, Premier Physicians Medical Group, is closely aligned with Kids and Teens Medical Group – USA, and has added tremendous value to the clinic with the introduction of telemedicine,” Healthy Life Clinic said.


Telemedicine is an innovative solution for delivering medical care to patients remotely, providing two-way video communication between doctor and patient. Patients can avoid the hassle of travelling to see a doctor and spending hours cramped in a waiting room. 


“With the current pandemic of COVID-19, telemedicine is becoming a part of the new normal,” Healthy Life Clinic added.


Its overall mission is to provide accessible, high quality and personalised health care to all, while making sure the patient is an informed and involved partner in the healing process.  


For more information visit its website at 

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