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We are a team of leading GPs and specialists who have come together to provide patient-centred, family-oriented medical services for Sri Lanka. Our team also includes nurse practitioners, nutritionists, physiotherapists and other healthcare staff so that you can treat many health concerns at a single destination.

Rs. 17,350

Full Body Checkup

FBS, FBC, TSH, LFT, Lipid Profile, UFR, Renal Profile, ESR & ECG, Eye Examination. Includes a physical consultation with your doctor and a follow-up telemedicine appointment, as well as helpful information about preventive care and nutrition.

Rs. 14,500

Diabetes Package (6 Months)

FBS, HBA1C, TSH, Creatinine, Lipid Profile, Urine Micro Albumin, UFR, SGPT, ECG, Eye Examination. Includes a consultation with your doctor, dietician and nurse educator, as well as a follow-up telemedicine appointment with your doctor.

Rs. 7,500

Weight Management Programme

Includes 3 consultations with a team of nutritionists and health professionals, a custom meal plan, education on food & nutrition, and weight management advice. Your dietitian will track your progress with body composition tests and advice throughout the 6 months.

Rs. 30,000

Elder/Geriatric Care

A comprehensive healthcare solution for families to easily manage their elderly loved ones in the comfort of their own home. Includes a weekly visit to your home by a doctor & nurse, emergency mobile care, family liaison services, as well as advice on daily living arrangements for elders.

Rs. 13,500

Fitness Health Package

For anyone looking to start their fitness journey, or for athlete well on their way! Includes a Body Composition Test, Fitness Test, Personalized Nutrition Plan with Guidance Charts, Consultation with the Nutritionist, and 2 Follow-Up Consultations via Telemedicine.

Rs. 6,500

Eye Care Package

Includes consultation with the eye surgeon, retinopathy screening, vision assessment, and advice from the optician. This package includes a 15% discount on your glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses from SIX BY SIX Optics.

Rs. 10,500

Women’s Health Package

There are several diseases and physical disorders that are faced by women. These diseases can by treated and cured if diagnosed early with a health checkup. FBC, Creatinine, FBS, UFR, Lipid Profile, TSH, SGPT, Breast Examination, and Advice on Fertility and Menopause.