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Healthcare Packages

We have carefully designed a number of healthcare packages to get your health on the right track. Check out what we have to offer and find the right package for you:

Diabetes Management

Smart D (Membership) - A 12-month plan for diabetes patients to manage diabetes with guidance from our diabetes-care team. Includes: full diabetes screen; quarterly blood tests; 5 doctor visits; laboratory tests; coaching from nurse educators; free glucometer.

Mini Smart D (Membership) - An annual care package that includes full diabetes screening, 4 doctor visits, blood tests through the year, and coaching from Nurse Educators.

Mini Diabetes Package - FBS, Lipid Profile, UMA, HBA1C, Dietician, Doctor Consultation.

Annual Diabetes Package - FBS, HBA1C, TSH, Creatinine, Lipid Profile, Urine Micro albumin, UFR, SGPT, ECG, Eye Checkup, Neuropathy Tests, ABI, Foot Care, Dietician Advice, Doctor Checkup and Body Composition.

Diabetes Prevention Package - FBS, Lipid Profile, Dietician Advice and Doctor Consultations.

Weight Management

3-month Weight Management - A comprehensive plan to help you achieve a healthy weight level. Includes education on food & nutrition, custom meal planning and overall weight management advice. You dietition will follow your progress and guide you through the 3 months. Your progress is monitored with body composition tests.

Elderly Parental Care

Geriatric Care Package - When you are elderly, home is your haven, a place where you are surrounded by familiar, comforting people and things. However, sometimes, it can also become a stressful and lonely place, especially if your memory, mobility and general health are affected. Our geriatric service package provides health, safety and care solutions for families to manage their elderly loved ones in the comfort of their own home. We help source you to find:

Daily living solutions

• Full-time/part-time nursing aides

• Carers

• Advice on changes that can be made around the house to ensure the safety of the elderly, such as to prevent falls.

• Co-ordinate physiotherapy/occupational therapy services

Medical care

• Supervision of medicines

• Weekly doctor/nurse visits

• Home visits by the family physician

• Coordinating required specialist/therapy visits

Family liaison

• Keeping family informed of care, especially useful for children residing abroad

• Liaising between doctors and specialists

24-hour mobile emergency care

• Registration with and co-ordination with 24-hr emergency care/hospital transfers through our emergency care partners

Corporate Wellness

We customise unique programmes designed to help employees cope with their emotions and better handle situations beyond their control. We emphasise daily lifestyle changes required for good health and the prevention of health issues. Programmes are tailored to organisational needs and range from simple awareness and health checks to comprehensive wellness packages.

• Master instant stress-management techniques;

• Understand stress and its causes;

• Master the art of calmness;

• Manage anger and get the most of life;

• Learn simple methods of self awareness and self mastery.

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Stress Management & Relaxation Package

Everyone deserves a chance at maintaining a healthy and balanced life. Our corporate programmes are designed to improve employee morale and productivity while reducing absenteeism due to preventable diseases and ailments.

We customise health and wellness events to your organisational needs, including:

• Onsite biometric screening programmes that provide: detailed aggregate reports on employees health to help organisations make informed decisions on human resources health initiatives; and individual employees with confidential, detailed health profiles.

• Programmes to counter and prevent loss of productivity, increased absenteeism and excessive stress and to inspire positive lifestyle choices.

• Annual health checkups.

• Health risk assessment and intervention plans with regular checkups.

• Stress assessment and management with cognitive ability development.