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Smart D (Membership)

  • Initial consultation with the doctor

  • Annual care for diabetes patients including a full diabetes screen on the first visit. It includes,

  • (8) Lab Tests:

    • Fasting blood sugar (measures glucose level in the blood)

    • The HBA1c (average blood sugar level over the past 3 months)

    • TSH test (to detect thyroid disorders)

    • Lipid profile (measures cholesterol amount in the blood)

    • Urine microalbumin (detects early signs of kidney damage

    • Urine Full Report (

    • Serum creatinine test (kidney performance test)

    • SGPT (Liver Check-up)

    • ECG ( Heart performance)

    • (5) Medical checkups

    • Body composition analysis test (To identify muscle-to-fat ratio in the body)

    • Neuropathy screening (To monitor progressive changes in sensations in legs)

    • ABI test (To check blood flow in the legs)

    • Vision check-up by optician

    • Diabetes eye screening by an eye surgeon


  • Diet schedules and dietitian advice

  • Free glucometer

After First Visit

  • Doctor consultation 5 times. (One free visit without blood tests)

  • Blood tests every 3 months with regular reminders from nurses (Blood tests for 4 times per year)

  • Blood Tests include:

    • Fasting Blood Sugar

    • HBA1c

    • Lipid Profile

    • Urine Micro Albumin

Price: Rs. 51,000

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