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Video Testimonials

A few video testimonials from some of our patients and corporate customers

Mr Reyaz Mihular

Managing Partner of KPMG Sri Lanka

Mr Parathan

Retired Senior Manager of Commercial Bank

What Our Patients Say

Many of our long-standing patients have been able to lead active, fulfilled lives beyond the typical constraints of their medical conditions. Here’s what some are saying about us.

Susan Jacob - Corporate Professional and Fitness Enthusiast


Take plenty of proteins; eat two eggs a day; protein shakes are good for you; get a prescription for multi-vitamins, iron etc” -- this is the generally what friends and buddies say if you are into intense fitness and heavy workouts. This was bugging me and I felt I needed to talk to someone to better understand my overall health and to manage my diet according to my lifestyle and body, which is when I consulted Dr Kayathri Pariasamy of Healthy Life Clinic.

She took the time (to listen), was empathetic, and understood the concerns of a woman in her mid-30s, with a passion to stay fit and active while wanting to be cautious of potential risks. She immediately directed me to some tests that were going to help me understand my overall balance of nutrients, health and potential risks. Thereafter, with the results in hand, I was given a clear and simple explanation of what the results meant. It was an easy conversation, and the doctor took the time to explain everything to me.

I also met Ms Ramya Dhevi, a dietitian and nutritionist, who took the time to understand my eating habits and thereafter tweaked it to something that I could adjust to, and was comfortable doing. I asked more than a few questions and cleared all doubts and concerns, mostly I was thrilled that I was not given a ready-made diet plan. Healthy Life Clinic was equipped to meet my requirements and provided me with a very individualistic and personal approach. I would recommend the Clinic for its simplicity of its overall procedure such as obtaining appointments, billing services and follow up etc. My information was also handled confidentially and professionally and in the right comforting environment.

Soundarie David


I totally recommend Healthy Life Clinic to anyone who not only wants a good doctor, but who would like to feel at ease when visiting a doctor. Right from the Security Guard outside, to the receptionist, nurse, everyone at the clinic makes you feel welcome and puts you at ease. I strongly feel this is important, whatever your ailment maybe, because sometimes going to a doctor can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially for those with anxiety issues. My entire family consults Dr Kayathri Periyasamy as well as other doctors at the clinic if need be. I have always been satisfied with their professionalism and care extended with a human touch. Even during these challenging times with the virus, we have been happy with all safety precautions taken, and those insisted upon.

The clinic is very conveniently located too. To feel at ease and get the best medical advice, I totally recommend Healthy Life Clinic.

N.F.A.Abdul Hussen


Excellent service. Personal touch by doctors and staff.

Mr. Parathan


I have been with Healthy Life Clinic for more than a decade. Their patient care and follow ups are excellent. They offer a range of services, from the optical services to lab services, and they are linked with Nawaloka Hospital. Having a lifelong membership package with them for your health.

Sri Sagadevan


Excellent doctor and service.



Very kind doctor and staff.



The doctor is very friendly and calming. Love the friendly service also. I'll recommend this clinic to others. needs.



Friendly staff and doctor. Excellent service.

Harsha Pathirana


Good service.



Amazing staff service and extremely friendly. The place is very well organised and customer friendly. The doctors are also really good and concerned.

Mr/Mrs : Muzammil


Good Service.