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Compassionate and personalized health care, where the patient is an informed and involved partner

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Family Health

An exceptional general and specialist family medical practice dedicated to managing a broad range of health concerns across all age groups.

Diabetes Care

We offer many diabetes care services structured with the aim of providing an all-inclusive diabetes care experience in a single location

Elder Care

Aimed at educating and advising elders and their carers to ensure that senior patients are well looked after in the comfort of their own homes


Our dietitians will help you understand how to stay healthy with food most suitable for your age, body composition and current health

Corporate Health

We take a preventative approach to healthcare through annual check-ups and educating the corporate sector about how to maintain their health


Optical care is conducted by 6x6 Optics, run by optometrist Benjamin Yoga. We provide visual assessments as well as stylish spectacles and sunglasses.

Medical Checks

Employee health checks, migration medicals, student health checks and food handlers’ medical checks. Get in touch with us for further details.

Speech Therapy

We help in evaluating, diagnosing and treating speech, language, communication and swallowing disorders in both children and adults

Access to Specialists

Should you require specialist treatment in an area of medicine not listed at our clinic, we will be happy to put you in touch with the expert you need


Our physiotherapists help rehabilitate injured limbs, bones, muscles, tissues and spinal injuries in order to regain motion and alleviate pain

Laboratory Services

Healthy Life Clinic offers ECGs, lung function tests, body weight and composition assessments and foot nerve and circulation assessments

Weight Management

A 3 month programme that can be taken online. A dietician, a doctor, and a physiotherapist tailor the programme to your individual needs.

Specialty Products

Healthy Life Clinic offers a variety of diabetes care products as well as a fashionable range of sunglasses and spectacles by Six By Six Optics