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Corporate Health

A preventative approach to healthcare through educating and advising those working in the corporate sector

A healthy workplace is a productive workplace. We help organisations to keep their employees healthy and happy and consult on the improvement of physical, psychological, and social conditions to promote employee wellbeing and quality of life. You can also access our specialist services at Healthy Life Clinic, conveniently located in Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 7.



Workplace Health Checks


- Pre-employment health checks.

- Annual health checks.

- Health assessments.

- Food handlers' medical checks.

- Drivers/heavy machinery health checks.

- Risk-evaluation checks based on closely monitored pre-screening assessments.

- Tailor-made intervention plans based on the health profile of the individual.


On-Site Biometric Screening


Provides each employee with a confidential, detailed health profile. Detailed aggregate reports of employee health and wellness are also provided for the company to enable you to make informed decisions about human resources and improve morale and productivity through lifestyle changes.


Health Awareness Seminars


We conduct talks and discussions on health topics such as women’s health, breast cancer awareness, diabetes, nutrition, and exercise for healthy stress-free living, and mental health concerns such as stress and depression.


Sustainable Health Alternative


We customise health and wellness events for organisations facing loss of productivity, increased absenteeism, or overly high levels of stress. Includes pre-employment health checkups and annual healthcare checkups and:

  • Health risk assessments and intervention plans, with regular checkups.

  • Mental wellbeing including stress assessment and management with cognitive ability development.

  • Access to specialist consultant channelling, diabetes and laboratory services

  • Employee assistance through internal networking and informal communication

  • Convenient digital health data management and continuous health monitoring


Stress Management & Relaxation


Designed to help you and your employees better handle emotions and situations beyond your control. You learn:

  • Techniques to help cope with stress immediately;

  • Understand stress and its causes;

  • Become and stay calm;

  • Manage anger;

  • Master simple methods to calm down and be peaceful.


For more information please email, or call us on 0773 511 511 / 0114 700 700

Elder Care

Aimed at educating and advising elders and their carers to ensure that senior patients are well looked after in the comfort of their own homes

Family Health

An exceptional general and specialist family medical practice dedicated to managing a broad range of health concerns across all age groups.