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Diabetes Care

We offer diabetes care services structured with the aim of providing an all-inclusive diabetes care experience

One of Healthy Life Clinic's core focuses since its inception in 2005, the clinic’s many diabetes care services are structured with the aim of providing an all-inclusive diabetes care experience in a single location, and educating and empowering patients to take care of themselves. The clinic offers focused check-ups, consultations with physicians and endocrinologists, treatment, investigations, diabetes education and awareness, consultations with dietitians, diabetes eye-care and foot-care, and diabetes products.

Annual Diabetes Check-ups

This includes a specially selected set of tests that are important for all diabetes patients to do at least annually, in order to understand how to control their diabetes and to check for any internal complications. These tests also provide an opportunity to discuss the status of the patient’s diabetes and any potential for improvement or prevention with a physician, dietitian or endocrinologist.

SmartD Program

This program was designed with the goal of putting diabetes care on auto-pilot. The package includes a year’s worth of consistent diabetes care, including quarterly check-ups with relevant tests and consultations, a steady education on better diabetes care and control, and a glucometer for home assessments. Members of the program are called regularly to remind them of upcoming tests or consultations, are prioritized during bookings, and have free year-round access to their healthcare team, consisting of a medical officer, dietitian and diabetes educator. 

Diabetes Prevention Package

Diabetes is an increasingly common disease, and many people are unaware of whether they are at risk of developing diabetes or know how to avoid it. This package offers an opportunity to fill those gaps in knowledge and awareness by providing tests and education on understanding one’s risk of developing diabetes and other metabolic diseases, as well as implementing preventive measures to combat these risks.

Speech Therapy

We help in evaluating, diagnosing and treating speech, language, communication and swallowing disorders in both children and adults

Elderly Care

Aimed at educating and advising elders and their carers to ensure that senior patients are well looked after in the comfort of their own homes