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Diabetes Care

We offer diabetes care services structured with the aim of providing an all-inclusive diabetes care experience

Diabetes can leave you feeling lonely and helpless. But you don’t need to put your life on hold. Our expert diabetes-care team will give you all the backup and care you need to live well with diabetes. 

Meet your diabetes support team:

Family doctor

Heading your team is a General Physician, usually a Family Medicine Physician, who you will see for general checkups, assessments, advice, and treatments. Our physicians have long years of experience in treating people with diabetes. 


If you, or a loved one, has diabetes, what you eat can make all the difference to your defence against diabetes. Our registered dietitian will tailor meal plans to suit your weight, lifestyle and medication to achieve your health goals. You will also receive valuable insights into food and nutrition.

Nurse Educators

A registered nurse with a background in assisting people with diabetes will support you in reaching your goals, whether it's with your diet, foot-care, or to purchase special products.  Your nurse will provide the bulk of the care, advice, and information you require to manage your diabetes.


Exercise goes hand in hand with diet in preventing and containing diabetes. Our qualified physiotherapist will tailor an exercise plan to your goals, and guide and support your progress, and also assist with special needs such as joint or physical impairments.


Psychologists play an important role in helping you stick to the treatment regimen and habitualised coping behaviours that bring diabetes under control. They also help you control high-risk health behaviours such as smoking and overeating. And they will look into any psychological conditions such as depression that you may have.


Our specialists include endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, cardiologists, dermatologists, podiatrists, neurologists, and paediatricians are available to manage complications that may arise from diabetes. 


Diabetes Healthcare Packages


We have designed several diabetes packages to ensure that you receive continuous care and support: 


Smart D (Membership)

A unique annual diabetes healthcare plan to help manage diabetes in a holistic way, including practical diabetes self-management coaching from our diabetes care team. 

  • Full diabetes screen.

  • Quarterly blood tests.

  • 5 doctor visits

  • Laboratory tests. 

  • Treatment advice and follow-up coaching from nurse educators.

  • Free glucometer to monitor blood glucose levels.


Mini Smart D (Membership)

An annual care package that includes:

  • Full diabetes screen. 

  • Blood tests throughout the year.

  • 4 doctor consultations.

  • Follow up from nurse educators.


Mini Diabetes Package

FBS, Lipid Profile, UMA, HBA1C, Dietician, Doctor Consultation.



Annual Diabetes Package

FBS, HBA1C, TSH, Creatinine, Lipid Profile, Urine Micro albumin, UFR, SGPT, ECG, Eye Checkup, Neuropathy Tests, ABI, Foot Care, Dietician Advice, Doctor Checkup and Body Composition.


Diabetes Prevention Package

FBS, Lipid Profile, Dietician Advice and Doctor Consultations.


3-month Weight Management

A comprehensive plan to help you achieve a healthy weight level. Includes education on food & nutrition, custom meal planning and overall weight management advice.


Diabetes Care Products


Healthy Life Clinic provides diabetes shoes, sandals, socks, glucometers and strips, insulin, sugar-free products, foot creams, special treatments, and much more.

Find a list of products here.



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Family Health

An exceptional general and specialist family medical practice dedicated to managing a broad range of health concerns across all age groups.

Weight Management

A 3 month programme that can be taken online. A dietician, a doctor, and a physiotherapist tailor the programme to your individual needs.