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Family Health

Patients can walk in or call us for an appointment with any one of our experienced GPs

Our GPs and consultant physicians provide high-quality preventative care, early interventions and management of disease for the family, through all stages of life. Ideally, we will form a life-long partnership with you and are your first point of contact in times of need for specialist consultation.  Our goal is to protect, promote and help you and your family maintain good health well into the senior years.


We offer: 

  • preventive care such as health screenings and vaccinations;

  • weight management and dietary advice;

  • consistent management of chronic conditions;

  • paediatric healthcare;

  • speech therapy;

  • eye care including optical products;

  • foot care;

  • physiotherapy;

  • geriatric (elderly) healthcare;

  • a broad range of specialist medical services;

  • a library of reading materials on healthy living written up by our doctors.


Our dietitians will help you understand how to stay healthy with food most suitable for your age, body composition and current health

Weight Management

A 3 month programme that can be taken online. A dietician, a doctor, and a physiotherapist tailor the programme to your individual needs.