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Specialty Products

A variety of specialty diabetes care products as well as a fashionable range of spectacles and sunglasses


We often stock diabetes-related health products – it’s a small step towards our wish to offer you a total diabetes-care solution and add the convenience of a single source for your diabetes-related needs. 

We offer:

  • Glucometers and strips

  • Insulin

  • Specialist footwear and socks

  • Foot creams and other special treatments

  • Diabetes supplements and sugar-free substitutes 


Eye Care

Six By Six Optics, run by senior optometrist Benjamin Yoga, is located at our clinic, bringing you visual acuity assessments and a range of high-quality spectacles and sunglasses.

SIX By SIX Optics


Our physiotherapists help rehabilitate injured limbs, bones, muscles, tissues and spinal injuries in order to regain motion and alleviate pain

Elder Care

Aimed at educating and advising elders and their carers to ensure that senior patients are well looked after in the comfort of their own homes