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Featured Videos

A few health & healthcare related videos featuring some of our doctors

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes - with Dr. Kayathri Periasamy

07th July 2020

Consultant Physician Dr. Kayathri Periasamy talks about how to successfully prevent type 2 diabetes.

Losing and Gaining Weight - with Dietitian Ms. Ramya Dhevi

21st June 2020

Dietitian and Nutritionist Ms. Ramya Dhevi provides an in-depth look into losing and maintaining your weight effectively.

Neck & Back Pain While Working - with Dr. Ashan Abeywardena

15th June 2020

Do you struggle with neck and back pain? Dr. Ashan Abeywardena discusses a few simple measures you can take to care for your spine!

Anxiety during uncertain times - by Mrs. N.E.D. Samaranayake

26th May 2020

Dealing with Anxiety during uncertain times - by Mrs. N.E.D. Samaranayake, Counseling Psychologist at Healthy Life Clinic

Newborn and Infant Nutrition - with Dr. R. Ajanthan

24th April 2020

A discussion on newborn and infant nutrition with Consultant Pediatrician, Dr. R. Ajanthan. Valuable tips on helping your baby eat and grow healthy.