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A few health & healthcare related videos featuring some of our doctors

Dr. Janesri De Silva On The Importance of Flu Vaccine: KCAL9

Nov 16th 2014

Dr. Janesri De Silva, Pediatrician and the Medical Director of Kids and Teens Medical Group, weighs in on the importance of Flu vaccine: KCAL9,

Cold, Flu, or Something Worse?! FOX 11, LA

Nov 24th 2014

Does your child have cold symptoms that just won't go away? Listen to what Dr. Janesri De Silva has to say on Fox 11, Los Angeles!

Problems in Newborn Children with Dr. R. Ajanthan

Mar 24th 2021

Dr. R. Ajanthan, Consultant Paediatrician from Healthy Life Clinic, talks about common issues in newborn children in the first few days of life.

How To Improve Diabetes Control with Ms. Ramya Dhevi

Jan 23rd 2021

Ms. Ramya Dhevi, Dietitian from Healthy Life Clinic, talks about diabetes awareness and gives some excellent suggestions on how to improve your diabetes control.

දියවැඩියාව ඇති හෙදියක්ගේ වගකීම - රුචිරා කලනි

21st Nov 2020

බොහෝ දියවැඩියා රෝගීන් අප වෙත පවසා සිටින්නේ ඔවුන් නිසි ලෙස ආහාර පාලනය කලත් ඔවුන්ගේ රුධිරයේ ඇති කෝස් මට්ටම නිතර නිතර ඉහල පහල යන බවයි මෙයට පිලිතුරක් ලෙස එක් පුද්ගලයෙකුගෙන් අනෙක් පුද්ගලයාට දියවැඩියා කළමණාකරනය වෙනස් විය හැකිය.

Biggest Fear and Controlling Your Diabetes

13th Nov 2020

The biggest fear of diabetes is getting prescribed medicine. The healthy way is to control your diabetes with diet and exercise. Only those who are unable to control their diabetes without diet and exercise are prescribed medicine.

Meeting Your Doctor - Dr. Kayathri Periasamy

09th Nov 2020

The most important thing about managing your diabetes is meeting your doctor. Your doctor can share so much knowledge about your condition so that you can better manage yourself, as well as your diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetes - Dr. Kayathri Periasamy

04th Nov 2020

What are the symptoms of Diabetes? Have you experienced a sudden loss of weight? Are you passing urine frequently, or constantly feeling thirsty?

Who Are At Risk Of Diabetes - Dr. Kayathri Periasamy

03rd Nov 2020

Who are at risk of Diabetes? What are the risk factors that could make you susceptible to forming Diabetes?

Let's Talk About Diabetes - with Dr. Kayathri Periasamy

02nd Nov 2020

Diabetes is very common, especially in Sri Lanka, and is also a very silent disease; many people do not know they have diabetes.

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes - with Dr. Kayathri Periasamy

07th July 2020

Consultant Physician Dr. Kayathri Periasamy talks about successfully preventing type 2 diabetes.

Losing and Gaining Weight - with Dietitian Ms. Ramya Dhevi

21st June 2020

Dietitian and Nutritionist Ms. Ramya Dhevi provides an in-depth look into losing and maintaining your weight effectively.

Neck & Back Pain While Working - with Dr. Ashan Abeywardena

15th June 2020

Do you struggle with neck and back pain? Dr. Ashan Abeywardena discusses a few simple measures you can take to care for your spine!

Anxiety during uncertain times - by Mrs. N.E.D. Samaranayake

26th May 2020

Dealing with Anxiety during uncertain times - by Mrs. N.E.D. Samaranayake, Counseling Psychologist at Healthy Life Clinic

Newborn and Infant Nutrition - with Dr. R. Ajanthan

24th April 2020

A discussion on newborn and infant nutrition with Consultant Pediatrician, Dr. R. Ajanthan. Valuable tips on helping your baby eat and grow healthy.